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Grant Recipient Recognition Guideline

Promoting the fact that your project is funded by Community Foundation Grey Bruce demonstrates the impact of our work in the community and inspires future donors to establish a fund with the Foundation. In order to support the Foundation and its continued growth, we request that you use all available opportunities to:

1. Publicize receipt of your grant (e.g., newsletters, brochures, financial statements, community/daily newspapers, Board and committee meetings, donor lists, annual reports, etc.). We request copies of any said materials be included in your final report.

2. Highlight the support your organization has received by recognizing Community Foundation Grey Bruce on all promotional and resource materials developed for and by the funded activity for the period of one year from the receipt of the grant. Please do not refer to your grant as a sponsorship or a donation.
Suggested wording: “Funding for this project is provided by Community Foundation Grey Bruce”
“This project was made possible by a grant from Community Foundation Grey Bruce”

3. Use the Community Foundation Grey Bruce logo in print and electronic materials whenever possible. The logo is available in electronic format on the Foundation’s website on the “For Grantseekers” page. For other versions (colour, black & white, reversed versions) please contact the Foundation along with guidelines of its proper use.

4. Use a disclaimer on all resource material developed for and by the funded activity.  Suggested wording: “The views and opinions expressed in this publication/website do not necessarily reflect those of Community Foundation Grey Bruce.”

Community Foundation Grey Bruce is glad to answer any questions regarding recognition requirements.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jennifer Isber-Legge at or 519-371-7203.

To access a pdf copy of guidelines follow this link: Grant Recipient Recognition Guidelines