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Capital Funding Grant

Capital Grants Application 2022 is now closed.

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Capital Grants are

A grant for a project that would contribute to an organization’s success and growth of capacity, broaden access, improve community spaces and promote energy efficiency by

  • Purchase or replacement of major equipment

  • Renovation, installation, retrofit and/or repair to existing structure

  • Making better use of technological resources

Organizations should email Grant Co-ordinator Jen Legge to discuss eligibility of their project. A letter of intent is required by June 1 through the online application process.

Up to $35,000 per project will be available for capital projects.

Capital Grant Criteria

Each applicant must submit a Letter of intent (LOI) as the first step in the application process for a Capital Grant. Applicants will be contacted after the LOI deadline of June 1st and invited to fill out an application form if they are selected to move forward. Full applications will be reviewed in September and disbursed in October for projects taking place over the following 12 months.


Start your application HERE

Below are forms for applicants who are not CRA registered charities and will be using a qualified donee sponsor. Links to these forms are also in the application form.

Form for CRA registered charity as sponsor

Form for Municipal sponsor as qualified donee