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Our Strategic Direction

Community Foundation Grey Bruce strives for flexible, transparent governance and leadership practices that welcome volunteer involvement, encourages dialogue among diverse voices in the community and inspires commitment to philanthropy.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce’s purpose is to help people realize their philanthropy wishes and enable them to become involved in building their community through endowments.

Endowments allow the Foundation to fund a multitude of worthy causes. Through community foundation endowments are pooled together so a bigger amount can be invested so that a maximum return can be created. The investments are managed by professionals and only the earned income is used, the initial principal is not.

Because the initial principal is not touched, the Foundation can continue giving money through grants where it is most needed. 

Mission Statement

Community Foundation Grey Bruce enhances community vitality by fostering open discussion about local need, sharing knowledge, and growing endowments to provide strategic granting and support to a wide range of non-profit organizations.

Our vision is that everyone in Grey Bruce benefits from a vital, healthy, and resilient community.

Strategic Plan

1. Creatively employing our assets and resources to strengthen our community 
- Build capacity and knowledge to undertake impact investing
- Utilize Vital Signs to probe current issues
- Utilize our understanding of community for strategic grantmaking
- Foster partnerships to increase impact 

2. Telling our story
- Become the top-of-mind philanthropic organization in Grey Bruce 
- Activate our network of community ambassadors 
- Build a story bank about our impact
- Implement donor stewardship practices 

​3. Including everyone in the discussion about community vitality 
- Engage all ages in a discussion about philanthropy 
- Diversify volunteer base to reflect our communities 
​- Strengthen relationships with education partners 
- Sharing our networks, our voices, and our resources  to include and benefit Indigenous people and racialized minorities in Grey Bruce 

4. ​Ensuring our capacity to address future change 
- Consider our impact on the natural environment in our planning 
- Clarify our values and vision
​- Utilize productive relationships with broader CF movement 
​- Increase our unrestricted  asset base
​- Support a strong and resilient not-for-profit sector
- Ensure continuity in leadership

We welcome the opportunity to share the Foundation’s direction with you in more detail. To arrange a presentation for your service club, non profit or community group, please contact Stuart Reid, Executive Director at 519. 371.7203 or stuart.reid@cfgb.ca.