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October 2020 student awards

The deadline for applications listed below is October 30, 2020

Note: only students from Grey & Bruce Counties in Ontario are eligible for these applications. Please read decriptions for eligibilty.
  1. Grey Bruce Community Health Award of $1000 to a Grey or Bruce County student pursuing further education in the community health field 
  2. Rebecca Eaton Music Bursary support financially disadvantaged youth or adult music students from Grey Bruce seeking musical education, specifically music students on disability or with no financia resources to help with lessons, musical instruments of othe music education needs. 
  3. The Janice Bye Memorial Award of up to $1,000 was created in memory of Janice Bye who worked as a therapist with clients at Closing the Gap. Grant(s) from the fund support “occupational, physical and speech language therapy services and/or associated equipment that will help facilitate the student’s integration and inclusion, increasing productivity, and boosting confidence in their educational institution or chosen workplace” for the following: (Note: These students do not necessarily need to be clients of Closing the Gap but the applications will be reviewed by Closing the Gap staff.)
  • graduating high school students going on to post-secondary education
  • graduating high school students transitioning into a workplace setting
  • students transitioning into high school from grade 8
  • students transitioning from grade 6 into senior public school

Access these applications here