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About Endowed Funds

An endowment is a fund that holds its principal in perpetuity and is invested to generate income to be spent for a specific purpose; in this case to support non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life in Grey & Bruce Counties

Each endowed fund is pooled with other endowments, then invested together to ensure the highest rate of return as possible. Donors have the option of setting up their own named endowed fund which can support thier favourite charity in perpetuity. A minimum of $5,000 is required to create an endowed fund; the fund needs to reach $25,000 in order to be able to grant its earned income.

Endowment investments have dual goals: to grow the principal and to generate an ongoing source of income. Because a permanent endowment is an invested pool of money that provides a reliable source of income in perpetuity, the organization can count on annual distributions for its charitable work. Community Foundation Grey Bruce awards grants from the annual distribution to non-profit organizations who in turn provide projects and programs to benefit people of this region. Annual distributions are never taken from the principal. The endowment can also grow over time with additional gifts from multiple donors.

The Foundation staff is happy to assist in creating an endowed fund specific to your wishes. Whether it supports your favourite charity, assists with providing unrestricted grants for community betterment or provides scholarships, bursaries or awards for Grey Bruce students, the fund will reflect your passion for your community.

Contact the Foundation to learn more about Endowed funds or phone 519-371-7203

Below is a list of Endowed Funds that others have created through Community Foundation Grey Bruce

164 funds
  • Grey Highlands Community Fund
    A fund that supports not-for-profit charitable projects and programs in Grey Highlands involving affordable housing, food banks, agriculture, recreation, seniors and education
  • Saugeen Shores Community Fund
    Saugeen Shores Community Fund supports projects and programs of not-for-profit organizations that will enhance the lives of Saugeen Shores residents
  • Kincardine Community Fund
    Kincardine Community Fund was created by the Municipality of Kincardine to support charitable organizations with the municipality
  • Meaford Community Fund
    This Fund was created from the Estate of Rosa Roessle to support projects and programs of not-for-profit organizations in the Municipality of Meaford.
  • Owen Sound Fund (The)
    Formed as the Owen Sound 150th Anniversary Legacy Fund in 2008 after the 150th celebration of the founding of Owen Sound, this fund has be renamed as the Owen Sound Community Fund. It supports charitable projects and programs to enhance the quality of life for Owen Sound residents
  • Township of Southgate Community Fund
    Supports community projects, programs and charities that will enrich the quality of life for the people in the Township of Southgate.
  • Agnes Nairn Brown Endowed Fund
    Set up in 1996 by an Owen Sound musician, Miss Agnes Brown, this Fund supports local music organizations and programs
  • Apple Harvest Craft Show Legacy Fund
    Supports projects in the Municipality of Meaford
  • Arthur & Betsy Harrison Family Fund
    Created in 2005, the Arthur and Betsy Harrison Family Fund provides scholarships for two Owen Sound secondary schools: The David Bowman Harrison Award for Excellence in Geography at West Hill Secondary School The Art & Betsy Harrison Memorial Award for Leadership in Community Development at OSCVI
  • Aspiring Healthcare Leaders Bursary Fund
    A scholarship fund to support students from Grey Bruce enrolled in a qualified college or university program in the field of healthcare.
  • Bachiu Family Visual Arts Education Fund
    Supports Grey or Bruce students returning to a full-time visual arts program in one of the following disciplines: ceramics or glass, design, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, textiles, video or film making.
  • Baker Street Women's Club Endowed Fund
    Supports the Grey Bruce Residential Hospice & The Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation
  • Bayshore Broadcasting Media Scholarship Fund
    Grey Bruce students in post-secondary in any media field
  • Ben Morris Memorial Fund
    A memorial fund designated to support the Chatsworth Agricultural Society and Chatsworth Minor Sports.
  • Betty Isobel MacKay Endowment Fund
    Foundation operations and fund advancement
  • Betty Mae Prettie Memorial Fund
    Established in 2005, the Betty Mae Prettie Memorial Fund grants to the Kiwanis Festival of Music for presentation to deserving students at the intermediate level of piano
  • Blue Mountain Legacy Fund
    This fund supports social services, community activities, environmental conservation, other charities, arts & culture, medical services, and heritage preservation in the Blue Mountains.
  • Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning Fund
    Support in need as determined by Community Foundation Grey Bruce
  • Bob & Marie Knapp Family Endowed Fund
    In support of the Friends of Hibou Park
  • Bruce County District Women's Institute Scholarship Fund
    Bruce County students pursuing post-secondary studies
  • Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre Endowment Fund
    To support museum operations
  • Bruce Grey Mentorship Endowment Fund Hanover & District
    In fall 2015 a new Board and name change occurred (formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters Hanover). This Fund provides much needed program support for children in Hanover & District
  • Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory Endowed Fund
    This fund provides ongoing financial support of the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory, a research station at Cabot Head on the Bruce Peninsula that gathers migratory bird data during the spring and fall
  • Canadian Federation of University Women Owen Sound Club Fund
    Scholarship funds to women in the Owen Sound area
  • Canadian Federation of University Women Saugeen Club Fund
    Established in 2007 by the Saugeen Club of the Canadian Federation of University Women, this fund provides scholarships for female students of the high schools of Chesley, Hanover and Walkerton, exhibiting high academic standing as well as participating in school and community activities
  • Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce Endowed Fund
    This Fund was created to support ongoing operations of Grey Bruce branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • CFOS/Sun Times Christmas Broadcast Fund
    Each year, CFOS radio and the Sun Times newspaper hold a live Christmas Broadcast, inviting Grey & Bruce residents to participate and to donate. The resulting fund was established to assist children, the elderly and families and/or other interests identified by the donors.
  • Chamberlain Family Fund
    Created in 2003, the Chamberlain Family Fund supports the Community Foundation Grey Bruce by directing earnings to its operations
  • Children's Fund Grey Bruce Endowment Fund
    Established to promote the emotional and physical well-being, treatment and educational advancement of children with exceptionalities through grants to benefiting programs by selected groups and organizations
  • Chippewas of Nawash First Nation Education Scholarship Fund
    Supports Nawash First Nation students' education
  • Cindy Davidson Memorial Bursary Fund
    Bursary to a student in need from Grey or Bruce Counties pursuing post-secondary literacy-related studies at college or university
  • Clarence "Flea" & Marjorie Christie Endowed Fund
    To support kids access to minor hockey
  • Clark & Sugarman Family Fund
    Funding requests with an education, environment or Indigenous focus
  • Colleen Lantz Memorial Bursary Fund
    Support of a bursary to a student in need from Grey or Bruce Counties pursuing post-secondary physical education or physical health related studies.
  • Colleen Trask-Seaman Share with OSHaRE Endowed Fund
    Supports the ongoing operations of Owen Sound Hunger and Relief Effort (OSHaRE).
  • Community Foundation Grey Bruce Operating Fund
    Foundation operations
  • Community Waterfront Heritage Centre Endowed Fund
    To provide ongoing support from the Community Waterfront Centre for preservation of the Marine & Rail Museum in Owen Sound
  • Darlene Vanwyck Award in Media Studies Endowed Fund
    Supports a student from Grey or Bruce County enrolled full-time in media studies.
  • Don Hill Legacy Environment Project Endowed Fund
    Annual award through Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association
  • Donald M. Bumstead Endowed Fund
    In support of children at risk and/or food banks in Grey County
  • Dr. Goldie & Eileen Gray Memorial Scholarship Endowed Fund
    Two awards annually, one for a full-time male and one for a full-time female graduating from Grade 12 at Grey Highlands Secondary School, who have demonstrated the following interests and aptitudes: a) Commitment to community through broad volunteerism and/or activism, beyond the requirements of 40 hours of volunteer time, qualified through at least one letter of reference from a relevant community organization;b) Consistent commitment to athletics over the past four years; c) Broad academic achievement.
  • Dr. Hilli Huff Palliative Care Education Fund
    This fund supports education costs and expenses related to palliative care training and conferences.
  • Dr. James & Charmaine Leeson & Family Endowed Fund
    This fund supports students pursuing studies in medicine (Doctor or Nursing) with a preference for studies at Western University
  • Edouard Bartlett Bursary Endowed Fund
    In honour of Ed Barlett's influence in Owen Sound's music community for more than five decades, this fund will provide an award to deserving music students in the Georgian Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra
  • Elgin and Jean Rouse Endowment Fund
    Established in 2003 by Mr. & Mrs. Rouse, the income from this Fund is directed to Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce, CNIB for the Lake Joseph Camp, Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre Equipment Fund, and the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce
  • Elliott Family Fund
    This fund supports community wellbeing and needs as identified in the Vital Signs report.
  • Ernestine McKenna Endowment Fund
    Support of in need
  • Eva Leflar Donor Advised Endowment Fund
    Eva Leflar, a founding member of the Community Foundation, established this Fund for in-need projects and programs as identified by Community Foundation Grey Bruce and her Donor-Advisors
  • Eva Leflar Foundation Community Fund
    Miss Eva Leflar was the first donor to the Foundation under the Community Fund. The Fund's purpose is to support social services, physical fitness and community activities, environmental conservation, other charities, promote arts & culture, medical services, encourage heritage preservation and/or as needed.
  • F.T. Hill Memorial Endowed Fund for the Advancement of Industry
    Markdale Chamber of Commerce established this Fund to promote industry and commerce within the Village of Markdale or within 3.2 kilometres of the Village
  • Feeding Families Fund
    This fund supports funding requests related to food security and hunger relief.
  • Founders and Builders Fund
    Established to supply income for operations of Community Foundation Grey Bruce, this Fund pools donations from supporters of the Foundation to maintain sustainability
  • George Anderson Endowed Fund
    Scholarship for Lucknow area student
  • Georgian Bay Centre for the Arts Endowment Fund
    Establishment of The Workshop
  • Georgian Bay Children's Choir Endowed Fund
    Supports operations of the Georgian Bay Children's Choir
  • Georgian Bay Symphony Endowed Fund
    The Georgian Bay Symphony Endowed fund was created to provide financial support for ongoing Symphony projects and operations
  • Georgian Sound Big Band Music Scholarship Endowed Fund
    Funding to support music scholarship(s). The award will support a minimum of one annual distribution $500 minimum to a maximum of $2,000 at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of Georgian Sound Big Band to a graduating student from one of the 7 high schools in Grey and Simcoe Counties.
  • Glady's Head Cramp Endowed Fund
    Supporting programs for children, the elderly and/or music
  • Great Lakes Environmental Endowed Fund
    Designed to support local environmental initiatives and programs including promotion of land use planning, wetlands preservation and restoration, dune protection, encouragement of public access, protection and restoration of ecological health of beaches, and restoration of natural habitats
  • Grey Bruce Community Care Access Centre Education Fund
    Employees of the local Community Care Access Centre that reside in Grey and Bruce Counties benefit from this Fund for furthering their education
  • Grey Bruce Community Health Award Endowed Fund
    This fund supports graduating students from Grey Bruce pursuing studies in community health.
  • Grey Bruce Foundation Community Fund General
    Support of grants for yearly determined needs
  • Grey Bruce Health Services Staff Scholarship Endowed Fund
    A Scholarship fund for a grade 10 student from each of the Owen Sound Secondary Schools who display aptitude in both the sciences and humanities
  • Grey Bruce Healthcare Chaplaincy Council Endowment Fund
    Support pastoral care at hospitals in the Grey Bruce area
  • Grey Bruce Home Builders & Trades Association Education Bursary
    Help for students seeking post-secondary education through apprenticeship or workplace training.
  • Grey Bruce Musicians Scholarship Endowed Fund
    Aiding Grey Bruce adults and/or youth pursuing musical education
  • Grey Bruce Pregnancy Centre Endowed Fund
    Owen Sound Crisis Pregnancy Centre receives the earnings form this Fund for ongoing support of the Centre and assistance to its clients who are often single mothers
  • Grey County District Women's Institute Scholarship Fund
    Post-secondary education support for community-minded Grey County youth.
  • Grey County History Endowed Fund
    The Grey County History Fund provides income for Grey County Historical Society operations, creating sustainability for the organization. The Society preserves and records life and history events in the past and present times in Grey County.
  • Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music Endowed Fund
    Established in 2005, this Fund provides income to assist with programs and awards at the yearly Festival of Music which brings school children from the area together for a wide scope of musical competition
  • Grey Granite Curling Club Endowed Fund
    Supports youth & sport initiatives in Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs, Chatsworth
  • Grey Highlands Alumni Memorial Endowment Fund
    Created in 2002, this fund was established to provide an ongoing source of revenue to support and enhance services provided by student groups at Grey Highlands Secondary School located in Flesherton, Ontario
  • Grey Sauble Conservation Foundation Endowed Fund
    Supports the Grey Sauble Conservation Foundation.
  • Huron Feathers Day Camp Endowed Fund
    Ongoing support for Huron Feathers Day Camp
  • Institute of Southern Georgian Bay
    This fund supports four pillars of a healthy sustainable community as defined by the Institute of Southern Georgian Bay.
  • Janet McNally First Nation Education Fund
    To support First Nations students from Saugeen First Nation and Chippewas of Nawash who have graduated or who are graduating from a Grey Bruce secondary school and who are attending a recognized university or community college (including apprenticeship programs); to support in-need students from these stated communities who are motivated to succeed
  • Janice Bye Memorial Fund
    Assists disadvantaged and handicapped students bridge the gap when transitioning into the workplace or post secondary education
  • Jean Medley Sweetwater Memorial Fund
    Benefits from the Jean Medley SweetWater Memorial Fund will be made available to promising and deserving students in Grey and Bruce Counties, to enhance their classical music skills through appropriate instruction.
  • Jean Walker & Marjorie Mole (nee Walker) Scholarship
    Supports students studying nursing or community health.
  • Jill Porter Memorial Endowed Fund
    A fund in memory of Jill Porter that will support those in need as advised by the fund's donor-advisors
  • Jordan Fawcett Memorial Endowed Fund
    A fund created, in memory of Jordan Fawcett, to sponsor two basketball athletes from Grey Highlands Secondary School to Celtic Sports Camp, and also support sports related projects within the community. View webpage at www.jordanfawcett.ca
  • Joseph & Marilyn Hunt Endowed Fund
    Supporting local initiatives
  • Ken & Cheryl Morrison Family Everlasting Fund
    Supports interests identified by the fundholder
  • Kerina & David Elliott Family Fund
    This fund supports gender equity in access to education, Indigenous issues, micro finance assistance for challenged women.
  • Keystone Child Youth & Family Services Grey Bruce Endowment Fund
    Designed to sustain child and youth support programs through Keystone Child Youth & Family Services
  • Kimberley J. West Endowment Fund
    Supports children's education in the Grey Bruce area. This award is anticipated to be distributed for the first time in 2017.
  • Lake Huron Learning Collaborative Endowed Fund
    Supports post-secondary education for students from Bruce & Huron Counties based on academic achievement and financial need.
  • Larry & Darlene Miller Agricultural Bursary Endowed Fund
    The Larry & Darlene Miller Agricultural Bursary Fund award will support agricultural and agri-food studies and/or animal science or animal biology including genetics and/or food safety.
  • Laura Bouchard Endowment Fund
    Support in need
  • Lawrence Family Endowed Fund
    Supports students graduating from Peninsula Shores District School.
  • Leith Historic Endowment Fund
    Donations to this fund ensure the long-term preservation and restoration of the Historic Leith Church and its cultural programs including the Leith Summer Festival. The fund also supports interpretation of the historic site which played an important role in the life of Tom Thomson. Leith Summer Festival is now a registered charity with CRA 796536498 R0001. Please visit their website at http://leithchurch.ca
  • Lyle & Isabelle Love Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Endowed Fund
    To benefit female apprentices in Owen Sound and/or Grey County
  • Lyman "Red" Cady Endowed Fund
    Supporting the Grey Bruce Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce
  • M'Chigeeng First Nation Education Scholarship
    First Nation education scholarship
  • Marg & Don Capel Legacy Peace Labyrinth Endowed Fund
    Encouraged by the public's need for a place to reflect, relax and rejuvenate, the late Marg Capel directed the income from this Fund to sustain the Owen Sound Peace Labyrinth located behind Georgian Shores United Church
  • Margaret Norquay Endowment Fund
    The South Grey Museum in Flesherton and the Durham Art Gallery both receive earnings from this Fund for programs and projects
  • Marine Heritage Society Chantry Island Endowment Fund
    Created in 2008, this fund provides funding to the Marine Heritage Society in Saugeen Shores for special projects and support of Chantry Island
  • Marjorie & Norman (Mac) Gingrich Endowed Fund
    Supporting graduate(s) from high school in Grey and Bruce Counties accepted in Science/Research at University. As well, 2nd or 3rd year University student from Grey and Bruce Counties working to acquire a BSC in Science/Research Program.
  • Marjorie Gingrich Grey Bruce Hospice Support Endowed Fund
    Support Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce
  • McKee Family Fund
    To support, celebrate or educate about projects related to architectural heritage in Owen Sound
  • McMillan & Roberts Family Endowed Fund
    Apprenticeship programs for student(s) who require financial assistance from St. Mary's High School Owen Sound in Carpentry, Plumbing or Electrical
  • Michael O'Hara Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Created after the death of a fellow team member, this Fund provides scholarships to selected post secondary students who are members of the Grey Bruce Highlanders Midget Hockey Club
  • Milton Sellwood & Jean Semple Endowment Fund
    In support of Sick Kids Hospital Toronto, Canadian Cancer Society (Grey/Bruce), CNIB (Grey/Bruce), Grey Bruce Regional Health Services Foundation
  • Milton Sellwood and Jean Semple Endowment Fund
    In support of Kiwanis Festival of Music (Grey/Bruce)
  • MLB Endowment Fund
    Created by an anonymous donor in 2000, the MLB Fund was directed to support the Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre Foundation, Princess Margaret's Hospital cancer research program, the Salvation Army Owen Sound division and the First United Church in Owen Sound.
  • Next25 Fund
    To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Community Foundation Grey Bruce has established the Next25 Fund that will help us ensure the vitality of all communities in Grey and Bruce for another quarter century. The Next25 Fund will provide grants to charities and non profits whose projects address priorities that are identified in the Vital Signs® report. Supporting health & wellness, arts & culture, education & lifelong learning, living standards, the environment and community connectedness are indicators of community well being. The Next25 Fund will be unrestricted so the Foundation has the latitude to grant strategically based on local knowledge for local impact. We can do great things together: empowering our youth to succeed, supporting a healthy natural environment, building stronger communities through capital investment in gathering places like our halls and arenas, ensuring celebration of the stories of all peoples in this place – those that have been here forever and those that are new. Help us to support a healthy future for our community with your donation.
  • Noble Family Endowed Fund
    The earnings from this fund, which was created by Percy & Kathleen Noble in 1995, are directed to support minor sports for boys and girls in the smaller communities outside of Owen Sound with priority to Shallow Lake, Hepworth, Allenford and Southampton
  • Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund
    This fund supports youth and children programs in recreation, arts and culture
  • OSCVI Student Support Endowment Fund
    The OSCVI Alumni Association established this Fund to provide an ongoing source of revenue in support of students and student activities at the OSCVI
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey Educational Support Endowed Fund
    Specifically to support Educational Support to Our Kids Bruce Grey.
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey Emerging Needs Endowed Fund
    Specifically to support Emerging Needs of Our Kids Bruce Grey.
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey Endowed Fund
    Our Kids Bruce Grey Foundation (formerly Children's Aid Society of Owen Sound and the County of Grey) established an endowment to provide income for their Send a Kid to Camp program, the Bursary fund and other recreational activity or special needs programs
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey Winter Warmth Endowed Fund
    Specifically to support winter warmth of Our Kids Bruce Grey.
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey Youth Recreation Endowed Fund
    Specifically to support Youth Recreation of Our Kids Bruce Grey.
  • Our Kids Bruce Grey, Chris Coulter & Family Endowed Fund
    Supports emerging needs as identified by Our Kids Bruce Grey
  • Ovid & Verona Jackson Job Creation & Innovation Fund
    Local job creation and innovation
  • Owen Sound & North Grey Public Library Fund
    By supporting the operations and programs of the Library, this Fund ensures sustainability in the future for this regional library
  • Owen Sound Family Physician Recruitment Endowment Fund
    Support of Doctor recruitment program
  • Owen Sound Farmer's Market Agricultural Bursary Fund
    For students from Grey Bruce attending university, college or enrolled in apprenticeship programs or workplace programs in agricultural studies.
  • Owen Sound Golf & Country Club Bursary Fund
    Apprenticeship programs in golf industry or professional recreation studies
  • Owen Sound Lacrosse Endowed Fund
    In support of senior, junior and minor lacrosse in Owen Sound
  • Owen Sound Little Theatre, Aly Boltman Endowed Fund
    OSLT/Roxy Theatre operations
  • Patricia Morris Senior to Senior Relief Endowed Fund
    Supports the protection, assistance and support of independent and in-need senior citizens in Grey Bruce
  • Paul & Dawn Dossman Family Everlasting Fund
    Friends, business associates and family created this fund in memory of Paul Dossman. The Fund will support scholarships for Grey County students entering post secondary automotive programs.
  • Paul Martin Smart & Caring Endowed Fund
    A scholarship and a bursary for students in the AYEP program at Saugeen District Secondary School.
  • Percy & Carol Morris Endowed Fund
    Special Education Support for Derby Public School
  • Port Elgin Cenotaph Endowed Fund
    To provide sustainability for the upkeep of the Port Elgin Cenotaph, this fund was established in 2007
  • R & J Shouldice Endowed Fund
    Created by Rob & June Shouldice, this Fund is directed to local charities including Camp Presqu'ile, Scenic Order of Good Cheer and Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce.
  • Red & Lorraine Leckie Camp Quality Fund
    Family and friends of the late Red Leckie decided to support the cause dearest to his heart - Camp Quality at Priceville, Ontario - with income from a Fund directed to support the Camp
  • Reider Cup Endowment Fund
    Support local students in their studies
  • Residential Hospice of Grey-Bruce Endowment Fund
    This fund supports the operations and programs of the Residential Hospice Grey Bruce.
  • Richard Fujiki & Joan Corbett-Fujiki Caring Support Fund
    Counselling & training for Chapman House Residential Hospice staff
  • Robert & Nancy Legge Family Endowed Fund
    Supports Grey Bruce Health Services, Chapman House and other areas as advised by the donor
  • Robert Rix Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Scholarships to high school level students at the Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton
  • Roberta Brignell Endowment Fund
    Supporting deserving students entering a Practical Nursing or Personal Support Worker program
  • Saugeen Cottagers Endowed Fund
    For academic and career preparation at Georgian College for Saugeen First Nation Band Members.
  • Saugeen First Nation Education Scholarship Fund
    Supports First Nation education bursary
  • Saugeen Home Builders Trade Association Education Bursary Fund
    Fund supports students seeking post-secondary education through apprenticeship or workplace training.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Endowment Fund
    Growing through donations to the Tree of Life campaign, the income of this Fund is designated to address women's health issues in Grey and Bruce Counties
  • Smart & Caring Communities Endowed Fund
    Support of education initiatives
  • Solecki Family Endowed Fund
    This fund supports literacy, education, community vitality, and resilience.
  • Sources of Knowledge Endowed Fund
    To provide support the Sources of Knowledge program
  • South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council Endowment Fund
    An endowed Fund to support ongoing operations of the South Bruce Grey Youth Literacy Council
  • South Grey Museum Founders Fund
    Supports ongoing projects at the museum
  • Southampton Arts Centre Endowment Fund
    This Fund was created to provide educational and cultural activities in association with the Southampton Art School & Gallery for the benefit of the public and for the residents of Saugeen Shores and surrounding communities.
  • St. George's Anglican Church Architectural Preservation Fund
    Supports the architectural preservation of St. George's Anglican Church.
  • Stephen Hogbin Award in Woodworking Studies Endowed Fund
    Supports a student(s) from Grey & Bruce Counties that are enrolled, in studies at a Canadian Institution, in woodworking.
  • Stewardship Grey Bruce Endowed Fund
    Established in 2008 as Bruce Resource Stewardship Network, this Fund supports projects that enrich the natural environment
  • Stewart Fleming Youth Action Endowed Fund
    The earned income from this fund is granted to charitable groups or organizations for programs that develop youth leadership potential, enhance social conscience, ethical and moral values and spiritual understanding of the youth of Owen Sound.
  • Summerfolk Endowment Fund
    Created by the Georgian Bay Folk Society, this fund will support the annual Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival
  • Swing Your Sticks Endowment Fund
    As directed by the funder.
  • Sydenham Agricultural Society Endowed Fund
    Created in 2007, this Fund supports programs, projects, educational awareness of agriculture and awards for children at Sydenham School in conjunction with the annual Fall Fair
  • Ted & Carol Hopper Endowed Fund
    Kids access to sports and recreation in the Owen Sound area
  • Tom M. Williams Endowment Fund
    A long time employee of the city of Owen Sound, Tom Williams designated money in his estate to set up a Fund for maintenance, upkeep and improvements to the Tom Williams Ball Park and to the Owen Sound Harbour development.
  • Tom Norris Helping the Kids Legacy Endowment Fund
    The late Tom Norris was well-known in Wiarton, especially for his generosity to families with children in need. His legacy lives on with this Fund to be used to help children with special needs on the Bruce Peninsula
  • Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery Fund
    Supporting ongoing projects and programs at the gallery which is named in honour of local famed artist Tom Thomson, this fund will enhance the Arts in Owen Sound.
  • True Sport Endowment Fund
    Providing grants to sports and recreational groups in Grey & Bruce Counties who follow the True Sport Principles.
  • United Way of Bruce Grey Agency Endowed Fund
    Established in 2007, this fund provides ongoing funding for operations and projects of the United Way Bruce Grey
  • W. Gordon Little Endowment Fund
    Supports Foundation operations
  • Walker Endowed Fund
    Support special projects and scholarships related to music through the Georgian Bay Symphony.
  • Walkerton Clean Water Legacy Scholarship Fund
    Scholarship that supports youth in Grey and Bruce counties pursuing careers in environmental protection and clean water management.
  • Wes for Youth Online.ca Endowment Fund
    An endowed fund to provide ongoing operational support for the Wes for Youth Online.ca crisis and counseling for High School aged youth in Grey & Bruce
  • Wikwemikong First Nation Endowed Education Fund
    Supports First Nation People's education scholarship
  • Women's Centre Shelter Owen Sound Endowed Fund
    Ongoing support of the Owen Sound shelter of The Women's Centre (Grey & Bruce)