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Philanthropy ... Focus of Workshop



by Brenda O'Neill, Community Development Officer

In April, our Ambassador group gathered at the Port Elgin Library for an interactive session about the power of philanthropy. Board member, Kerina Elliott, introduced the topic by first asking everyone to write down their favourite type of tree followed by how the tree is similar to a community foundation. "Strong roots", "sustainable" and "provides protection" were some of many inspired responses.

The next part of the session was led by Ambassadors Brian Milne and Cliff Bilyea who helped attendees develop their own philanthropic story by considering what their values, motivation and principles are as they relate to charitable giving. 

All Ages have a Role
One of the wonderful things about philanthropy is that it involves all ages. So while mom and dad certainly play a role in modelling what it means to be generous, youth often remind us that it's important to give, to care, to make an impact. Social movements with powerful influence are often the result of youth rallying together. Whether it's giving of time, talent or treasure, all ages have a role in planning a family legacy. Family decisions and the funds that are established help shape community as well as country.

Ambassadors are community-connectors who assist with enhancing visibility of the Foundation and our mechanisms for endowment building and grant-making. 


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