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Impact of the COVID-19 Survey Results



Community Foundation Grey Bruce has released the results of their Not-For-Profit Survey on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 is increasingly felt across the Grey Bruce region and the demand for services provided through the charitable/not-for-profit sector continues to grow. The 10-question survey discussed the pandemic’s effect on local organizations and how these organizations are dealing with community needs. The survey invitation was sent to local organizations that have received funding from Community Foundation Grey Bruce in the past. The Foundation received an online response from 82 organizations during the period of April 28 to May 11.

While local organizations remain optimistic about the future, the survey results reveal that many local organizations are concerned about financial difficulties, even possibly facing closures in the future, but anticipate an increased need for their services, particularly related to food security and mental health support. Of the respondents, 87% identified the cancellation of events and/or fundraising activities as a challenge being experienced. Over 40% of the organizations face financial difficulties and many will need to adjust how they operate to remain viable in the future. The current restrictions have resulted in 60% of local organizations closing until these restrictions can be lifted with many organizations concerned about how they will generate momentum for public gatherings. Aside from their own impact from COVID-19, many respondents identified the loss of income and jobs as the biggest concern for our community and are worried about the closure of many small businesses and organizations. As the community continues to face uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, many organizations have found new ways to work and are encouraged by the way locals have come together to help each other demonstrate a strong sense of community.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce appreciates the time that each respondent took to take part in this survey and help provide valuable feedback.

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