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UN's Sustainable Development Goals



Back in 2015, the United Nations (UN) adopted a set of 17 goals with the intention of moving the world toward a positive and resilient future.  The year 2030 was set as the target year to attain the goals that address economic, social, and environmental development.

If the world is successful in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will see an end to hunger and poverty, we will see gender equity and reduced inequalities, we will address climate change and ensure health of life and land and below water. The SDGs recognize that economies must shift to encourage more innovation, encompassing clean and affordable energy, and responsible production and consumption of goods.  Education is, of course, a goal for all, as is peace, justice and support for strong institutions.  The breadth of the goals sets a visionary path for a healthy and prosperous future in which no one is left behind. You can read all 17 goals at by clicking on “Sustainable Development”.

To meet the challenges that lay ahead for our community and our nation in tackling these goals, strong partnerships between government, civil society, philanthropic agencies, and the private sector need to be built.  We need to work together across communities and beyond borders, as members of a global family, in order to make change happen.     

The work of Community Foundation Grey Bruce already connects to many of the 17 SDGs as discovered in the Vital Signs report.  Community Foundations of Canada states “The grassroots approach of Vital Signs to collect data, spark conversation and inspire civic engagement offers a unique tool to benchmark the progress of well-being in our communities against a set of global targets.”  Certainly, the Foundation’s grants to charities and non-profits in Grey Bruce support a wide variety of projects that hit on many of the 17 goals.  By layering a discussion of the global SDGs into its Vital Signs report, the Foundation links what is being done locally with global efforts to improve the planet.

In the years ahead leading up to the 2030 deadline, you will hear more about the SDGs in discussions on community wellbeing in Grey Bruce.  Our region is so rich and prosperous in contrast to other places around the globe; however, the Foundation recognizes that the work done in our community to meet the SDGs can have positive impacts that go way beyond our region. In the giving season that fast approaches, consider donating to one of the many funds at Community Foundation Grey Bruce.  You can scroll through the list of funds and their purposes at  Philanthropy can play a large part in ensuring that no one is left behind on the path towards a more sustainable future.   

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