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Foundation Releases Vital Focus on Housing Report

Vital Focus on Housing Report Released


Created in 1994, Community Foundation Grey Bruce (CFGB) has a mandate to enhance community vitality by fostering open discussion about local need, sharing knowledge, and growing endowments to provide strategic granting and support to a wide range of non-profit organizations.


Since 2016, CFGB has been engaged with Vital Signs® work as a convenor of discussion on community wellbeing. CFGB is a part of a national network of 191 local foundations – it is estimated that 90% of Canadian Communities have access to a community foundation. Vital Signs is a community check-up that is used by place-based foundations to measure vitality, identify significant trends, and support action on issues that are critical to our quality of life.


CFGB has recently released its Vital Focus on Housing Report. The data-filled report is available for download from the Foundation’s website at  The report relays data related to housing in Grey and Bruce Counties that address issue clusters: affordability and accessibility, equity, living standards, and wellbeing.


The Vital Focus on Housing report draws from various sources and translates data into readable and accessible infographics to tell a story about how we are doing on the topic. It highlights stories of innovation and resilience through features on community projects that directly address impacts of the housing crisis. The Foundation acknowledges that such data, and the way it is gathered, relies on averages and summaries—the very nature of the system may not encompass all people equally.


Access to housing is a basic right, equally accessible to all ages, genders, ethnicities, and incomes. In Grey and Bruce Counties we have been impacted tremendously by demographic shifts and the volatile housing market—this report notes the changes that are affecting our communities and their liveability. Access to safe and affordable housing impacts our local economy—can people live near their place of work? The security of having a stable and safe home is directly linked to every homeowner and renter’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. If people spend too much on housing, their financial health is compromised and, perhaps, access to other essentials like healthy food is diminished.


This Vital Focus on Housing Report introduces our community to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Community foundations are connecting their local efforts to a broad and ambitious global agenda to improve the world around us. The SDGs acknowledge that sustainable development needs to happen everywhere, and that inequality exists within all communities. Community Foundation Grey Bruce is adopting the SDGs to link local work with global priorities.


Stuart Reid -  MOSAIC The Owen Sounder Summer 2022

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