Our Strategic Direction

Mission Statement

Community Foundation Grey Bruce encourages endowment building and facilitates philanthropic partnerships within all communities in Grey and Bruce, now and for future generations.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce grants to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in Grey and Bruce.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce provides leadership in identifying community issues and convening discussion. 


Community Foundation Grey Bruce strives for flexible, transparent governance and leadership practices that welcome volunteer involvement, encourages dialogue among diverse voices in the community and inspires commitment to philanthropy.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce’s purpose is to help people realize their philanthropy wishes and enable them to become involved in building their community through endowments.

Endowments allow the Foundation to fund a multitude of worthy causes. Through community foundation endowments are pooled together so a bigger amount can be invested so that a maximum return can be created. The investments are managed by professionals and only the earned income is used, the initial principal is not.

Because the initial principal is not touched, the Foundation can continue giving money through grants where it is most needed. Currently the Community Foundation Grey Bruce manages $16 million in assets.

2018 Strategic Plan

1. We strategically grant to build community
- Align grant making with Vital Signs priorities
- Encourage donors to address Vital Signs priorities with new funds
- Increase our influence and reach across Grey and Bruce
- Review our granting streams; their philosophy, process and practice

2. We build and manage community endowments for a sustainable future
- Build more funds
- Create clarity around our values and messaging
- Institute partnerships with regional corporations
- Be bold in message and action (small 'a' advocacy)
​- Anticipiate trends and get ahead of the wave
​- Learn more about Impact Investing

​3. We celebrate and promote community giving
-  Commit more resources to marketing our messages
- Demystify language for audience segments
​- Engage families in intergenerational conversations
- Use community storytelling to build funds
​- Be the "go to" resource on community philanthropy

4. ​We are an active partner and collaborator in fostering community vitality
- Instigate and promote Vital Conversations
- Consult with stakeholders on community change
​- Foster strong partnerships with First Nations communities
​- Invite "thought leaders" to our community
​- Develop a broad perspective on community need through our granting process
​- Encourage and support volunteerism

We welcome the opportunity to share the Foundation’s direction with you in more detail. To arrange a presentation for your service club, non profit or community group, please contact Stuart Reid, Executive Director at 519 371.7203 or