Trades Start- Wiarton Carpentry Placement


Ambassadors are former board members or high profile community-minded residents of Grey or Bruce Counties and First Nations territories who will support the goals of the Foundation by bringing information into their area or circle, spreading the message in a personal way and providing a “door-opening” contact. Ambassadors should represent the diversity of the community in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and professional background.  Written materials and training will be provided, so that each Ambassador has a basic knowledge of the Foundation and its role in the community. From time to time, resource materials and tool kits will be provided to assist in promoting and advocating for the Foundation in their locale. 

The goal for the program is to have a representative from each of the 17 local municipalities and 2 First Nations territories.  There will be a cap of 60 active Ambassadors.  

Strategic Focus and Direction:

1) Building a networking capability and outreach throughout Grey and Bruce

2) Increasing visibility of the Foundation in the communities across Grey & Bruce

3) To make a “door-opening” contact (phone or face to face) with the prospect to introduce the CFGB concept and gain acceptance for a meeting with CFGB representatives.

4) Identify prospective donors to CFGB with the financial capacity and a demonstrated desire to give

5) Recruit additional Ambassadors as needed